February 5, 2020

No Food for 3 Days – Here’s What happened

This was the first time I ever decided to go this long without food – why did I torture myself like that? Well because up until that point I was eating and drinking like sh*t and I needed something to reset my system. PERIODT.

My mom is a health freak and every now and then does a cleanse called Squeezed Online . I took it as a sign and ordered my three-day-cleanse the very next day.

Day 1: not so bad. I pee’d A LOT. It got awkward at work LOL – so be prepared.

Day 2: that’s when the countdown started. I was counting down the hours, minutes and seconds until I could eat again.

Day 3: HANGRY. I was irritated, tired, skinny and didn’t want to drink water anymore. (I still did)

Verdict: If you’re thinking about trying a juice cleanse, I would encourage you to start with a three day cleanse. It’s long enough that your body actually has time to adjust and reset your system — but it’s also short enough that you feel confident that you can finish the plan successfully. I had a great experience and plan to continue doing it whenever I feel like I need a reset.

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